2 Nanhu Rd


Preserving the essence of a struggling food market, this art project captures the emotional significance of the traditional market, showcasing its vitality and the community's battle for its preservation.

Medium: Publication and filmstrip
Size: 190 mm x 250 mm, B5

2 Nanhu Rd

Food market/ Struggle/ New retail/ Consumption patterns/ Data visualisation/ Emotional value/ Transformation/ Documentation/ Preservation/ Community memory 

Act 01

This art project delves into the struggle of a food market that has faced significant challenges since 2017, grappling with new retail competition and shifting consumer patterns. Despite these obstacles, the traditional market holds profound emotional significance as the beating heart of a city, fostering connections and providing access to affordable food. In this exploration, the artist focuses on documenting the last remaining unchanged roofed market in Nanjing, capturing its essence before it transforms.

A book serves as the vessel for preserving memories, combining striking photography, insightful interviews, contextual information, and compelling data visualization. Through this artistic endeavor, the artist immortalizes the market's final moments and weaves the tale of the community's resolute battle to safeguard its existence.

- Films

Act 02

I chose to use the film camera, a once dominant device symbolizing the passage of time and obsolescence, to capture the essence of this legendary market. The black and white images document the changing shopkeepers, while the color images convey the vibrant atmosphere and timeless spirit of the bustling market.

Slides of the book.

2019 by Zhicheng Yi