Zhicheng Yi


Zhicheng Yi is an independent visual communicator from Chengdu, China, and currently based in London. He has built a diverse portfolio working in the fields of graphic design and photography, and is now earnestly exploring additional mediums to communicate his work to the public. He holds a postgraduate degree from the Royal College of Art, where he dedicated 2 years to immersive exploration within the Visual Communication Course.

At the core of his work is the construction of visual narratives that focus on the relationships between communities (human/natural) and society. The inspiration behind his work is deeply connected to the environments in which he has lived and the experiences he has gathered over time.

Zhicheng takes a different approach as a visual communicator. He believes that situating art within the environments it represents can create more meaningful and resonant connections with audiences and communities. This reflects his commitment to embedding his work within the contexts and spaces that it draws inspiration from.


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In Marseille, as I stood in awe before Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation, I realised that my travels might be more than mere wanderings. This was my catalyst: I delved into the archives as a bridge between space and time in order to gain a deeper understanding of places and their stories.

Archive(r), which is also 

The essence of my practice lies in navigating four dimensions - the individual (myself), the community, the generation and the society. Archival research became my compass. These archives are more than dusty records; they are voyages through the timeline, they are paths into the depths of human narratives and cultural imprints. They illuminate the places of where we came from, where we are, and where we are heading.

However, archives have their limitations. To fill in the gaps, I engage directly with the space. Such contact energises the abstract and allows me to craft a more overall narrative through my work. It is a collaborative method that combines critical research with intimate experience, as I attempt to contribute to the evolving weave of our shared heritage.