Bring Dementia Out


Expanding through workshop, the newspaper promotes and supports the elderly LGBT+ community with dementia, showcasing sensitivity and inclusivity in addressing complex issues.

Medium: Newspaper
Size: 375 mm x 520 mm

Bring Dementia Out

Social Awareness/ Alzheimer's/ Dementia/ Editorial Design/ Community Engagement/ Archive Research/ Interactive Workshops/ Human Health/ LGBTQ+/ Elderly Community

Act 01 

This project addresses the critical need for enhanced care and support for Alzheimer's patients, with a focus on the unique challenges faced by the elderly LGBT+ community.

Drawing on comprehensive research from the Alzheimer's Society, it underscores the importance of not just raising awareness but actively improving care services and community support to enable more effective treatments and a better quality of life for patients. This work spotlights the compounded difficulties of stigma, discrimination, and lack of understanding that exacerbate the struggles of LGBT+ individuals and their partners with dementia. It advocates for targeted care initiatives, like a specialized telephone helpline, to provide much-needed support and connection, emphasizing the importance of community in fostering a sense of identity and belonging during challenging times.

Inspired by personal experiences with my grandfather's battle with Alzheimer's, this initiative seeks to build a more inclusive, understanding, and supportive society for all dementia sufferers, ensuring they can continue to live with dignity and remain active, valued members of our communities.

- Newspaper distributed in the community

Act 02

This workshop leveraged old mobile phones to capture and exhibit participants' memories, reflecting the disjointed and fading recollections characteristic of dementia sufferers.

It seeks to foster awareness and comprehension of the extensive impact of dementia, not just on those afflicted but also on their networks of family, friends, and caregivers, with a particular emphasis on the elderly LGBT+ demographic. The initiative underscores the critical need for accessible, inclusive care and broader community support systems.

Having gathered nearly 500 photographs depicting varied life stages, the project highlights the demanding nature of dementia care and advocates for enhanced services to improve the lives of patients.

All research underpinning this project was meticulously conducted through the Alzheimer's Society Website and the Bishopsgate Institute Archive Room. It emphasizes targeted support for the older LGBT+ community and the vital role of continuous education and outreach, especially via a dedicated telephone helpline, to ensure comprehensive support for those navigating dementia.

Thanks to all participants for the pictures :-)

2021 by Zhicheng Yi