Fresh Meat 

Screen Painting

Examined through red-marked papers, this project symbolizes students as commodities, emphasizing the dehumanizing impact of China's exam-focused education system.

Medium: Screen painting
Size: 4 pieces of 150 mm x 120 mm

Fresh Meat

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Act 01 

In the context of China's compulsory education system, students often find themselves studying solely to navigate the demands of the college entrance examination. Consequently, our educational journey becomes synonymous with rote learning and cramming, fostering a culture where independent thinking is stifled, and choices are limited. This rigid approach to education leaves students feeling akin to livestock awaiting processing in a slaughterhouse, stripped of the ability to think independently or exercise personal choices. Stepping into the examination room feels more like entering a factory where we, as students, are processed like commodities, and our worth is determined not just by our exam results but also by the metaphorical 'selling prices' reflected in those scores.

These visually arresting books, crafted through screen printing, embody the struggle, using red marks as symbolic imprints of constraints on student performance, encapsulating a stark reality of dehumanization and the anatomy of educational limitations.

- Me with my exam papers during 3-year of high school.
- Scan of these papers.

Act 02

Displayed in a classroom setting, some of my screen printing boards serve as an emotive commentary on the harrowing experience within the Chinese education system. This installation is not merely an exhibit but rather a form of performance art, aimed at shedding light on the oppressive nature of academic pressure.

To craft the "Fresh Meat" book, I utilized the red marks found on my high school exam papers spanning a three-year period. While these marks may initially seem like typical corrections, they actually symbolize the constraints and limitations imposed on students' academic performance.

The red textures, resembling correctional markings, serve as a visual representation of the binding and restraint experienced by students. They metaphorically fill our bodies, transforming us into lifeless commodities akin to pork. The prevalence of these red marks correlates directly with the perceived diligence of the student, with those bearing more marks deemed as more industrious. This disturbing cycle perpetuates the notion that diligent students are akin to leaner cuts of pork, presumably fetching a higher price in the academic marketplace.

Boards of Screen Prints
Size: 1000 mm x 1100 mm

2019 by Zhicheng Yi