Quick Prayer


Youth's superficial connection to religion portrayed through toy-like depictions of Buddhist Arhats. Artwork critiques modern spirituality as transactional and ego-centric.

Medium: Mini zine packs
Size: 100 mm x 125 mm

Quick Prayer

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Act 01 

The life of youngsters in society, where every minute is contested, barely allows room for religious beliefs. And in most occasions, so-called "religious beliefs" point directly to egoism.

When we need our gods, our communication with these immortal beings resembles seeking help at the very last moment to ease our nervousness. Prayers straightforwardly ask gods for children, fortune, promotion, and health. It is actually not belief but doing business with gods. Even the most prevalent Buddhism in China has little support from real believers.

- Inspiration from childhood toys

Act 02

I created a series of mini-books featuring the eighteen Arhats in Buddhism, who solve every problem for mortals to demonstrate the intermittent and rapid religious mode. It is like the most inexpensive toys we bought in our childhood to satisfy transient needs. We only turn to them when we have something to ask from them.

Installation Set on Street
Size: 1500 mm x 950 mm

2019 by Zhicheng Yi