The Soul House 

Graphic Design 

In my artistic perspective, I shine a spotlight on cemetery salesmen, revealing how the industry has gradually diminished the lasting reverence associated with death.

Medium: Multiple Graphic Medias
Size: Multiple Sizes


Painting/ Installation/ Publication/ Typeface/ Photography/ Architecture/ Nature/ Living Space/ Community/ Brutalism/ Type-design/ Archive/ Petition

Act 01 

Within the realm of demographic data, where numbers chronicle the passage of souls, a curious narrative emerges. In the year 2016, China witnessed the departure of 9.77 million individuals, with a staggering 15.55 million joining the eternal journey each subsequent year after 2020. Media reports have offered the startling revelation that 'cemetery property is twice as profitable as real estate,' sparking apprehension about the evolving cost of death.

Intriguingly, the purveyors of cemetery properties mirror the discourse of real estate agents. They entice prospective buyers with the promise of spacious resting places, premium prices for exclusivity, and the tantalizing notion that prosperity and tranquility beyond the veil can be purchased with wealth. Beneath their persuasive narratives, an interplay of veiled virtues and artful sales techniques blur the lines between cemetery and real estate. The distinction, it seems, lies solely in their clientele.

Cemetery salesmen underscore the appeal of 'convenient transportation,' the mystique of 'geomantic treasure lands,' and the promise of 'thoughtful service,' elements seemingly disconnected from the departed but aimed at comforting the living.

- Business Cards

Act 02

Mence, I have embarked on an artistic criticism, crafting a collection of promotional materials that serve as a satirical commentary, unmasking the industry's dissonance. In doing so, I aim to rekindle the dignity that death once commanded, restoring its noble standing in our collective consciousness.

Details of Promotional Materials

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